Security Consulting Services and Offgrid Prep / Residential Preparedness

Physical Security Administration

Enterprise Security Management

  • Security Program Assessment 
  • Security Policy/Procedures Assessment
  • Security Program Compliance Review (Physical)
  • Insider Threat

Risk Assessments
(Compliant with Interagency Security Committee (ISC), Risk Management Process (RMP), Return on Investment (ROI) for Physical Security Countermeasures

Construction Security

  • Drawing Review/Markups
  • Site Assessments
  • Security Program Requirements Development

Emergency Management

  • Government/Commercial/Retail
  • Policy Development
  • Policy Review




Residential Preparedness Group

Offgrip Prepping / Residential Preparedness

  • Training
  • Solar Power
  • Back Up Generator
  • Security Systems
  • Water Systems

Home Systems Installation

  • Solar Power
  • Backup Generator
  • Home Network
  • Security Systems
  • Well/Spring Water
  • Rain Water Collection
  • Construction Management

Household Supplies

Medical Solutions

Security Solutions