Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Facilities

Why does your project team need a security design expert for Federal Facilities?

  • 41 CFR Part 102-81.10 requires that all federal agencies with security delegation (such as VA Medical Centers); must provide security and protection for their facilities.


Return on Investment:

  • Thorough knowledge and understanding of the VA, Physical Security Design Manual for VA Facilities, Compliance Checklist.
  • Drafted successful letter to GSA Contracting Officer regarding the applicability of the Interagency Security Committee, Risk Management Process Security Standard that resulted in substantial project cost reduction for building owner.
  • Served as the senior physical security advisor to GSA tenant agencies.


Business Objectives: 
Building Security Associates can help your project team win proposals by:

  • Appling his extensive experience as a senior level security specialist for the General Services Administration (GSA), the Administrative Office of the US Courts (AOUSC), and Diplomatic Security Service, US Department of State.
  • Relies on his “Can Do” work ethic learned from 11 years’ active duty service as a US Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Operator.  


Federal Facility Security Experience:

  • Has conducted risk assessments on US Diplomatic Missions, US Courthouses and US Federal Buildings.
  • Conducted post active shooter investigations to identify security gaps and identify corrective measures.
  • Has taught over 600 federal and contract security professionals since 2010.


Facility Security Projects:
As the Security Specialist for the Administrative Office of the US Courts (AOUSC), Mark Strickland was the senior physical security advisor for new construction and renovation projects at:

  • US District Courthouse, Cleveland, OH
  • US District Courthouse Akron, OH
  • 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, Atlanta, GA
  • US District Courthouse, New Haven, CT
  • US Bankruptcy Courthouse, Youngstown, OH
  • US District Courthouse, New Bern, NC
  • US District Courthouse, Atlanta, GA
  • US District Courthouse, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • US District Courthouse Terra Haute, IN 

As the Senior Security Specialist for GSA’s Central Office, Mark Strickland designed the physical security systems/countermeasures for: 

  • FBI Headquarters (new construction)
  • GSA Central Office (renovation)
  • US Coast Guard Station, Jacksonville, FL (renovation)

Provided guidance and assistance to the US Postal Service on understanding and implementing Interagency Security Committee, Risk Management Process, Security Standard.